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What we can Automate for you?

In any industry, there are several repetitive tasks normally done by humans, which can easily be automated and Analyst can focus on complex and research based work.

These are few examples of how RPA is automating common tasks today

  • Opening emails and attachments
  • Filling in forms
  • Copy and pasting data, then merging data from multiple places
  • Following “if/then” decisions and rules
  • Extracting and reformatting data into reports or dashboards
  • Moving files and folders, and extracting structured data from documents
  • Connecting systems through APIs
  • Reading and writing to databases
  • Making calculations
  • Scraping data from the web
  • Logging into web/enterprise applications
  • And many more tasks
What we can Automate for you


For Your Industry - Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Human Resource, Accounting & Taxation, Airlines & many more.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

To stay competitive in a saturated market, Companies have to explore emerging technologies to deliver the best customer experiences. From within, the challenges to maximize efficiency as cost-effectively as possible without sacrificing security are pressing as ever. To meet these demands, robotic process automation technology (RPA) has become a powerful and effective tool for any industry to retain their competitive advantage in the race to digital transformation.

Benefits of RPA

Benefits of RPA Benefits of RPA

    Tedious repetitive tasks are delegated to robots

    Time generated to focus on customer care

    Empowered employees to perform more value-added tasks

    Delivery Excellence

Benefits of RPA Benefits of RPA

    1 robot replaces on average 4 FTEs

    Robot costs are on average 50%-90% lower than off-shore/ on-shore employees

    Quick development cycles, providing ROI in 3-6 months

    Acceleration of ROI

Benefits of RPA Benefits of RPA

    Traceability reduces risk of errors and secures consistency

    Automated Control steps increase compliance

    Systematic documentation of audit trail

    Compliance to ever- growing regulation

Digital Journey & Consulting

Reimagine your business with a hands-on thought partner to help you define, design, and deliver results in order to optimize your business process and revenue. New technologies and business models are driving companies to transform at lightning speed for a digital, customer-first world. Optinue’s Consulting practice helps business leaders respond to their customers’ needs by driving digital-first transformation: from operations to technologies to people.

Digital Journey & Consulting
Project Resourcing Requirements

Project Resourcing Requirements

Project Based Recruitment

The project-based recruitment requirements are rising. With the developments of several new projects all around, project-based hiring has gone up in the rent times. At Optinue, we assist you in hiring contract workers who have the skill to address your immediate needs. If you are searching for project-based employment, we can help you in it on timely basis. The workplace culture is constantly evolving with time. It is essential for any company business to understand that there is a dearth of quality employees who will be engaged for a long time with an organization. It is seen that companies have urgent requirements in regards to a project that requires special skills.

Why to choose our services

We are very competent in meeting your project-based recruitment needs.

  • Once you avail the services from us, you will not go to others as you may not get as efficiency as the people provided by us.
  • Companies who have availed the services from us come back to us again and again for availing similar services. This shows the trust that they have generated for us again and again.
  • Our rates are very affordable. If you want, you can compare the rates we charge with other agencies.
  • We take all the liabilities of the contract manpower totally. You can remain free from all the cumbersome jobs totally.
  • If a person leaves a job mid-way, it is our responsibility to fill up the slot with a suitable reception.
  • The quality of the manpower supplied by us is of the best type. An inferior manpower will disturb the entire setup. We cannot let this happen. We conduct the screening process very strictly.
Why to choose our services

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